Richard Gelpke


Lewis Halprin

This is just one of the books that Gelpke and Halprin are turning out. Stay tuned.

and a river runs through it

Hudson’s Downtown represents a good example of a 19th to early 20th century mill community.

Little from those days remains now but a stroll around the main streets will reveal the early town layout.

The Hudson Historical Society was formed in 1916 to capture the fascinating history of the town. The Society has a large collection of artifacts, print and digital materials. Ellen Busch is the genial and knowledgeable Curator and David Bonazzoli, Historian of the Society. All are welcome.

Hudson Mill Building 43 Broad Street,4th floor, Room c-402

usual hours: Tuesdays 2 - 4 PM First Saturday of the month 10 AM to Noon but closed due to the corona virus.

Map, tour, information and inspiration provided by Richard Gelpke

This with able assistance from David Bonazzoli and Lorene Jean, Hudson Art & Framing.

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